Town Twinning

Tadcaster is formally twinned with the French town of St Chely d’Apcher, which is about 550 kms south of Paris, in the Lozère Department.

St Chely d’Apcher lies at an altitude of 1100 mtrs in the Massif Central, and is situated close to the main north-south motorway from Paris to Montpellier on the Mediterranean coast. It is a lively self-contained town, about the same size as Tadcaster, with a population of approximately 6,500. First-class further education facilities, including a college for catering and hotel management, and a modern steel works, mean the town has a thriving economy.

St Chely d'Apcher   St Chely on the map

Where to find St Chely d'Apcher


 Tadcaster Twinning Association logo

Tadcaster Twinning Association logo

Tree planting in St Chely, 31st July 1999 The same tree, 20th April 2012
31st July 1999: a tree is planted in St Chely by Terry Welsh (Twinning Association Chairman, far right) and his St Chely counterpart (far left).  Looking on are Cllr Steve Helsdon (Tadcaster Town Mayor, 2nd from left) and the Mayor of St Chely. 20th April 2012: Steve Gallagher and Jon Palmer (Twinning Association Chairman and Vice-Chairman) in front of the same tree.  The tree-top is out of sight in this picture.  

You can find more on the Twinning Association's Facebook page, or you can contact the Chairman, Andrew Birdsall, email

The regional newspaper covering St Chely d'Apcher, including reports of twinning activities, is Midi Libre. There's more detail in the Mid Libre blog.