Tadcaster Cemetery

The Town Council maintains the cemetery to a high standard, and asks those who have bought burial or ashes plots to follow the set Rules and Regulations to help us to do so. The current rules and regulations for the Cemetery are here.

Plots have to be purchased from the Town Council: this can be done at any time before a plot is used. The current charges from October 2017 are shown here

All enquiries should be made to The Town Clerk.  Emergency calls when the office is closed can be made to 07860 943650 or to one of the Town Councillors.

The Town Council has records of burials in the Cemetery dating back to 1876.  Records for plots (shown on the plan)   are in the original hand-written ledgers. These can be inspected by arrangement. There is a charge for family tree research.


Memorial Safety Inspection

Tadcaster Town Council will be carrying out a memorial safety inspection programme to ensure that Tadcaster Cemetery is a safe place for all those who work in and visit it.

Memorial safety inspection programme 

Tadcaster Town Council will begin its inspection in Tadcaster Cemetery from June 2017 and will work through the cemetery grave section by grave section.

What does the memorial safety inspection involve?

The Council will mark any headstone or memorial that is in a potentially dangerous condition with a notice posted on or near the memoiral.  In some circumstances a memorial may need to be cordoned off until it is made safe, as a last resort larger memorials may need to be carefully laid flat within the grave space.  Please do not touch or approach these marked memorials.

The memorials are causing grounds/maintenance problems as well as adversely affecting the visual immage of the Cemetery.  The Council proposes to deal with those headstones/memorials that were identified as unsafe under the Memorial Safety Inspection carried out in 2017 and offers financial support for this work.

The Council recognises that in some cases, the current owner may not be identifiable as some records are extremely old and might not have been updated by the current relativese or family members.


Points of contact

Any concerns or questions about the memorial assessment process should be referred to Tadacatsr Town Council, email:clerk@tadcastertowncouncil.co.uk, phone: 01937 834113, post: Tadcaster Town Council, The Ark, 33 Kirkgate, Tadcaster LS24 9AQ 



Exhumations are unusual and have to be carried out following strict procedures.  We have published some Guidelines to help anyone who may be involved in one.


Other burial grounds

St Mary's Churchyard is a closed burial ground, maintained by Selby District Council.  The Town Council has no records of these burials.

The Quaker Burial Ground on Oxton Lane was used in the seventeenth century: about a hundred people, many with descendants now living in the USA, were buried there.  The records are held in the Borthwick Institute in York.

Behind the Salvation Army citadel on Chapel Street is a small, long-disused, burial ground once used by the Inghamites: they were a sect linked with the early Methodists.