Tadcaster Community Library

From April 2017 Tadcaster Library will be managed and run by a group of community volunteers, with a management committee.

North Yorkshire Library Services still provide the library resources (books, audio books, DVDs, IT system) as well as a library supervisor and manager to work with the volunteers and the management committee. All volunteers have received extensive training in order to provide a professional library service similar to that previously provided by paid staff. Some services previously provided at the library are now available online (such as applying for bus passes) but volunteers can help customers to access this service.

You can find out more about what our library offers here.

The Background

Volunteers from The Friends of Tadcaster Library provided an extra session at the library on a Wednesday afternoon since 2012.

In 2015 North Yorkshire County Council announced further cuts to the Library Service and invited community groups to put in bids to take over the management of the libraries. Friends of Tadcaster Library registered as a new charity, called Tadcaster Community Library, and worked with the Library Service towards taking over the library from April 2017.

The present County Library services are described here.

If you want to volunteer at the library please call in or email tadcastercommunitylibrary@gmail.com.