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The Community Engagement Forum has developed exciting new plans for the Riverside, which the Town Council is helping to deliver.

Here are the latest drawings that will be the basis of the detailed design for the Riverside Project. The new timescales for the completion of the project are early 2018.

Please note that these are not the final detail drawings and some of the proposed elements may no longer be in the scope.

Please click on the thumbnails to view larger.
201 rev G A1 N from Bridge rev layout   202 Rev B A1 S from Bridge  A1 Trim Trail
A3 Play Area Boogie Woogie Scheme   207 A1 Play Area A1 1to100  Sections Tadcaster Riverside


 The planning application is being finalised and will be submitted shortly.

Archaeological Dig, April 2015 

The Archaeological Dig ran from Friday April 10th to Monday April 27th, with up to 30 volunteers working at various times.  Full daily reports were published after each day's work.  MinsterFM covered the visit by students from Tadcaster Grammar School on 23rd April.

The material discovered has now being analysed and documented and a full report can be found under Historic Tadcaster on this website.

Latest news, February 2015

Motte & Bailey Archaeological Dig
The community dig at the Motte and Bailey site is critical to progressing the Riverside Park project, and it was good news in January that the £10,000 Heritage Lottery Fund grant had come through. Some conditions have to be met: these relate to the Scheduled Monument consent from English Heritage.  The Town Council has also given £1,000 towards the dig, to make sure that this vital first step is fully funded.

Tadcaster Historical Society is leading the work on the dig and they plan to start around 11 April.  Here is what the 'Wetherby News' wrote in the 13th February issue, and here is a similar article from the York Press.

The official "Permission to Start" from Heritage Lottery Fund was received on 17th February.  This allows preparatory works to start.

Riverside Project
The legal team at Selby District Council has advised that planning permission must be sought for the project.  As it will not be possible to apply for permission for the entire project until the outcome of the dig at the Motte and Bailey is known, and until clarification regarding what development will be acceptable to English Heritage has been received, the possibility of moving forward in phases has been raised.  However, the SDC Tough Stuff Board decided that a phased approach would not be acceptable.  It has been suggested that an application for change of use could be progressed, and the merits of this are being discussed with the planners.
NYCC Area Highways and Ringway, their contractors, have been reviewing the draft costings, access arrangements, and land ownership details.  The procurement arrangements and a contribution from Ringway by way of a gift in kind have also been looked at.
Proposals and cost estimates for the lighting scheme are being finalised.

The Environment Agency need to give their consent but they have advised SDC not to apply for this until planning permission for the scheme has been secured.
Tadcaster Albion is being fully consulted on the plans to the south side of the bridge.

Latest news, July 2014  

At a special Town Council meeting on 8th July the council heard about the progress with the archaeological dig from a member of the Historical Society.
The council then resolved

  • To adopt the Business Case
  • That Selby District Council be the accountable body for the delivery of the proposed Riverside Project (a legal requirement)
  • To release £80,000 to Selby District Council as the accountable body. 

Councillors noted that should the project not go ahead, for whatever reason, then monies committed by the Town Council would be returned.

Later in July the District Council approved the release of their funding.  The gave the project the formal go-ahead.

Update, April 2014 

The Town Council reaffirtmed at a meeting on 22nd April their commitment to the plans, and to the design that had been favoured by those attending a Play area design consultation event at The Ark on Kirkgate on Monday 7th April.  The council has since discussed with Selby District Council staff what else needs to be done to release the resources formerly promised by the District Council.

Update, February 2014 

Following a special Town Council meeting on 14th January 2014 the CEF undertook to develop revised plans, taking comments received into account.  The revised plans were displayed at an exhibition on Monday 24 February in the Riley-Smith Hall - you can see here the description of the proposal, the masterplan and details of the beach area, the play area, the entrance from Bridge Street, and the trim trail area on the other side of the bridge..  They were discussed at an extra Town Council meeting on Wednesday 26 February in The Ark - you can see the minutes here

Earlier public consultation

Consultation sessions were held between 9th and 16th May 2013.

The CEF Partnership Board discussed the report on the Riverside Park consultation at their 20th May 2013 meeting. 
The Town Council discussed the Partnership Board's responses to many ot the issues raised by residents at a special meeting on Tuesday 16th July.  They decided that they could not support the entirety of what was proposed, and invited the Board to discuss amended plans.