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The river and St Mary's Church.Tadcaster: the river Wharfe and St Mary's Church

The river, St Mary's Church, and the viaductTadcaster: the river Wharfe, St Mary's Church, and the viaduct

The viaduct - George Hudson's Folly
Completed in 1849, for a railway line that was never itself finished. George Hudson's Tadcaster viaduct

Tadcaster: the railway viaduct

Tadcaster: the viaduct

 Tadcaster: the railway viaduct

The weir
The river is tidal up to the weir, with a rise and fall of just a few inches.

Tadcaster: weir on the River Wharfe

The remains of the castle
The Normans built a motte and bailey castle. This is all that remains of the motte, an overgrown mound in a private garden.


Tadcaster: the remains of the castle 

The avenue
An avenue of old lime trees beside the river.
Tadcaster: the avenue of lime trees 
The bridge
The only bridge in the town, the site of the Battle of Tadcaster in 1642. The present bridge was built around 1700, and was based on the first stone bridge built in 1200. Between here and where the Wharfe joins the River Ouse at Cawood, about 10 miles downstream, are only two more bridges, one carrying the A64 bypass and the other the Leeds-York railway line.
Tadcaster Bridge 
The Ark
Either The Ark or St Mary's Church is the oldest building in the town still in everyday use. The Town Council is based here.
Tadcaster: the Ark 
St Mary's - the Parish Church
1. The eastern end, seen from across the river. Inside the church you can admire the fine Burne-Jones east window.


Tadcaster: St Mary's Parish Church
2. Razed by the Scots, raised by the Victorians.
Tadcaster: St Mary's Parish Church 

The Methodist Church
Methodists were at one time fiercely teetotal. Did they build this church deliberately facing John Smiths Brewery across the street?
Tadcaster: the Methodist Church 
St Joseph's Church
The church bears witness to a strong Roman Catholic tradition in the area.


Tadcaster: St Joseph's Roman Catholic Church 

John Smith's Brewery
1. A Victorian shell hides a very modern brewing plant. John Smith would have approved.
Tadcaster: John Smith's Brewery 
2. Another view, with a little bit of twentieth century building showing.  John Smith's is now part of the Heineken Group.
Tadcaster: John Smith's Brewery 
3. Hidden at the back are over 50 very un-Victorian vats. Tadcaster: John Smith's Brewery 
Samuel Smith's Old Brewery
Brewing on this site dates back to 1758. The building in the centre hides the wells which provide all the water.Tadcaster:  Samuel Smith's Old Brewery
Molson Coors Brewery
The newest of Tadcaster's three breweries, the original Tower Brewery has been completely modernised since its late-Victorian beginnings, and has had several changes of ownership.  It straddles where the railway line used to be.
Tadcaster: Coors Brewery 
High Street
Tadcaster:  High Street 
Bridge Street and the end of Kirkgate
The town market was initiated when Henry de Percy obtained a Charter from King Henry III in 1270. The original Market Place was on the left-hand side of this junction.
Tadcaster:  Bridge Street 
The bus station 
Tadcaster Bus Station


'Walkers are Welcome' information in the Bus Station
'Walkers are Welcome' information at the top of the Bus Station, showing some good local walks.

The Medical and Health Centres  
Tadcaster Medical Centre 
Parklands Play Area
Well, it was taken on a school day Tadcaster: Parklands Play Area...
The 2010 Duck Race
How much fun can 1500 ducks have?  The first obstacle ...


Tadcaster: the Duck Race
- and the rest of the pack is already over...Tadcaster: the Duck Race 
- and on they go downstream ...Tadcaster: the Duck Race
 Journey's end. And the winner is ... Tadcaster: the Duck Race