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What we do 
How we work
   The Council, Councillors, and the Clerk to the Council 
   Council and committee meetings
   Finance and Accounts
   Publications Scheme
   Code of Conduct
The Mayor and the Civic Regalia
Selby District Council and North Yorkshire County Council
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What we do
Tadcaster Town Council represents the interests of every single Tadcaster resident.  Although the Council has limited powers and responsibilities, it will always try to help resolve a problem connected with the town.  

To do this we:

  • Look after all the land and property that we own
    • The Cemetery and the two Chapel buildings
    • The War Memorial 
    • Some public land:
       o The Viaduct, the Viaduct Walk and part of the embankment 
       o Some of the land along western bank of the river (from the bridge to the weir, and 'The Park' 
               area by Tadcaster Albion Football Club)
       o The Ark, 33 Kirkgate (the Council offices), including contents
       o Land off Rosemary Row
    • Allotments  at Stutton Road and Westfield
    • The footpath between Willow Rise and Garnet Lane
    • 55 Footway Lights, 4 Bus Shelters, 31 Public Seats, and 20 Litter/Dog Bins
    • 7 Town Trail Panels and 3 public noticeboards 
    • Civic Regalia:  the chains of office for the Mayor, Mayor's Consort, Deputy Mayor, and Deputy Mayor's Consort.
  • Co-ordinate the town's Christmas Festival, Market, and Illuminations
  • Manage floral displays in various parts of the town
  • Co-ordinate the activities for Remembrance Sunday
  • Co-ordinate the annual litter pick
  • Co-ordinate the annual Civic Service
  • Consider applications from local organisations for Grant Aid
  • Publish the Town Council Newsletteras part of Tadcaster Today, and this website
  • Comment on planning applications received from Selby District Council and North Yorkshire County Council as they are relevant to the town
  • Decide how to act on matters of concern raised by local residents
  • Liaise closely with North Yorkshire County Council, Selby District Council, Stutton Parish Council and other local Councils as appropriate
  • Give advice on how to deal with queries about local Government matters
  • Seek to promote the interests of the town wherever possible.

How we work

The Council, Councillors, and the Clerk to the Council

The Town Council has twelve Councillors and three members of staff. Elections for Councillors are held every four years.

  • The Council is, in law, a single corporate body, and the decisions it takes are the responsibility of the Council as a whole.
  • Councillors represent the community and can take decisions together as a Council, but no one councillor, not even the Chairman, can make a decision on behalf of the Council.
  • The Clerk to the Council is the "Proper Officer", providing independent, objective and professional advice, as well as information and administrative support to the Council.   The title is used in law and refers to the appropriate officer for the relevant function.  The Clerk takes instructions from the Council as a body, and is not answerable to any particular Councillor - not even to the Chairman.  The Clerk advises the Council on whether decisions are lawful, and on ways in which decisions can be implemented.  In Tadcaster the Clerk is also the "Responsible Financial Officer". 
    The Clerk is supported by a Deputy Clerk and an Assistant Clerk.

Council and Committee Meetings
The full Town Council meets every 6 to 8 weeks.  Business is conducted and controlled according to Standing Orders.   Much of the business is dealt with by two committees.  Distinct terms of reference separate the work of Council and its two Standing Committees (Finance & General Purposes and Environment).   A Publicity & Amenities committee was disbanded in May 2013 though its minutes still appear on this website.   Sub-committees and working groups are set up whenever a need arises or when there are specific issues that warrant them.

All Council meetings are open to the public. The Council encourages and welcomes public attendance and participation by advertising the meetings in the three Council notice boards (one outside the Ark in Kirkgate, one by the Stutton Road shops, and one on the hillside in Commercial Street), on this web site, and in the Council's quarterly Newsletter.

Finance and Accounts
The Annual Accounts are available for inspection each summer, in accordance with national legislation, though please ask in advance if you want to see them. 

  • The Audited Annual Return year ended 2017/2018 can be seen here.
  • The Notice of Conclusion of audit year ended 2017/2018 can be seen here.
  • The Unaudited Annual return 2017/18 can be seen here.
  • The Notice of Public Rights and publication of unaudited annual returns 2017/18 can be seen here.
  • The Audited Annual Return year ended 2016/2017 can be seen here
  • The Notice of Conclusion of audit year ended 2016/2017 can be seen here
  • The Unaudited Annual return 2016/17 can be seen here
  • The Notice of Public Rights and publication of unaudited annual returns 2016/17 can be seen here
  • The audited Annual return for 2015-16 can be seen here 
  • The notice of conclusion of audit can be seen here 
  • The audited summary for 2014/2015 can be seen here, the one for for 2013/14 can be seen here and the one for 2012/13 is here. 

Financial matters are governed partly by Standing Orders and partly by Financial Regulations:   both are set in the context of Local Government law.  


The Council is developing a number of policies,  At the end of 2014 we had agreed policies on:

Metal Detecting

The Town Council issued a statement in February 2015 that it does not allow metal detecting on any of the land it owns in Tadcaster.   A plan showing the town, land and ownership is available to see at the Town Council office.


Publications Scheme

The Council has adopted a Publications Schemewhich commits us to publishing information about our activities, and tells members of the public what is available and how they can find it.  The scheme is based closely on advice from the Information Commissioner's Office. 

Code of Conduct
All elected Councillors have to sign and abide by a Code of ConductThis was adopted in July 2012 and re-affirmed in June 2013, and closely follows a national model for local councils.

All elected Councillors have to complete a Register of Interests, so that anyone can see where they may have some conflict of interests.  You can find the register here, split into the East and West wards.   The register for all District Councillors is here.

If there is cause for complaint about any alleged issue of maladministration etc., committed by the Council, it will be dealt with according to our Complaints Procedure.


The Mayor and the Civic Regalia
Tadcaster Mayoral BadgeThe Mayoral year runs from the middle of each May. By law, each year the Council elects one of its members to be the Chairman of the Council for the year: the Chairman automatically becomes the Mayor. A deputy chairman is also elected, who becomes the Deputy Mayor. They represent Tadcaster both within the town and elsewhere. Each is often accompanied by their consort. The Mayor, the Mayoress or Mayor’s consort, the Deputy Mayor, and the Deputy Mayoress or consort, are entitled to wear the civic regalia, or ‘chains of office’.

The Mayor’s chain of office includes the official badge of Tadcaster Town Council. It shows the bridge over the River Wharfe, the town's links with brewing and agriculture, the White Rose of Yorkshire and one of the three swans which symbolise Selby, seat of the District Council.

The Mayor for 2017-2018 is Cllr Margaret Middlemiss, and the Deputy Mayor is Cllr Don Mackay.

Selby District Council and North Yorkshire County Council
Many local services are provided by the larger Local Authorities that cover Tadcaster, i.e. North Yorkshire County Council and Selby District CouncilThe Town Council is always happy to help with enquiries about local services, but we may have to pass you on to the appropriate County or District office.

The County Council is responsible for, among other things

  • Education, including Adult Education
  • The Library
  • Highway maintenance
  • Most street lighting (see below for reporting faulty street lights)
  • Traffic issues, footpaths, and rights of way
  • Social Services

The District Council is responsible for, among other things

  • Planning and building development
  • The Central and Britannia Car Parks
  • Street cleaning
  • Recycling and refuse collection
  • The public lavatory next to the bus station
  • All Council House issues – allocation, repairs, etc..
  • All Council Tax enquiries
  • Pest control
  • Social Services
  • Environmental health
  • Fly tipping
  • Dog warden service
  • Car parking enforcement
  • Licensing of pubs and taxis 



District Council 'One Stop Shop'

The District Council no longer has an office in Tadcaster, but you can get advice about a wide range of your local services during regular drop-in sessions held by Access Selby's Tadcaster and Villages area Community Officers.

The sessions are held every Thursday between 9.30am and 12.30pm at Calcaria House, Windmill Rise, Tadcaster.

If you've got any questions, comments or concerns about housing issues, your local environment, planning, benefits or environmental health then come along to get some help.

You can also contact the Community Officers
  >  by phone on 01757 705101 
  >  by email

Information at the Library

Information about some District Council and County Council services is also available from the Library on Station Road. You can see details of these on the Selby website.

Street Light Faults

The County Council is responsible for most of the street light columns in the town although the Town Council owns 55 of them. All County lights have a number on them: the Town Council ones are unmarked or have a TPC (Tadcaster Parish Council) mark.

All street lights faults within the town can be reported by providing the column number (where there is one) and the exact location to any of the following:-

• North Yorkshire County Council
Telephone - 0845 8 727374
e-mail –

• Tadcaster Town Council
Telephone - 01937 834113
e-mail –

• In person at the Tadcaster Town Council office on Kirkgate. (Opening hours Monday – Thursday 9.30am – 12.30pm)